Program Nordic allergology meeting

20. - 22. november 2019

"Bridging knowledge and practical allergology in the Nordic countries in 2019"- the 11th scientific/3rd clinical Nordic Allergy Meeting in collaboration with the Norwegian Society of Allergology and Voksentoppen annual seminar November 20-22 2019 in Oslo, Norway.

​Scientific committee

  • Karin C. Lødrup Carlsen (N) Chair
  • Vivi Schlunssen (DK)
  • Knut Øymar (N)
  • Maria Jernmalm (S)
  • Nanna Fyhrquist (F)
  • Sigurveig Sigurdardottir (IS)

Preliminary Scientific programme

This Nordic Allergy symposium reaches out to clinicians and researchers within all aspects of allergology, and the programme provides an excellent opportunity to discuss state of the art allergy practice in the Nordic countries. The highly profiled as well as up-and-coming young speakers come from all the Nordic countries as well as from EAACI.


1100 Registration

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1700 The atopic march, pheno- and endotypes of allergic diseases

The pros, cons and implications of the atopic march

How important is IgE in allergic diseases?

Phenotypes, endotypes and allergies

Advances in Allergy diagnostics

BAT, MAT and beyond

CRD in allergy; clinical and diagnostic value

CRD in food allergy diagnosis

Discussion: when to use and not to use CRD?

News from EAACI


Anaphylaxis – new guidelines

1700 NFA General assembley and GET-TOGETHER


0830-1200 Nature and nurture: the microbiome and allergy development in "Norden"

Cutting edge: Host-microbe interactions in health and disease

The human microbiome and its impact on allergic disease

Microbiome- immune function

Environmental exposure, human health and allergies

Reducing the allergy burden in Nordic countries in 2019

The Finnish Allergy Programme 2008-2018: approaches and achievements

How Finland halved the number of children on allergen-free diets

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1800 Choosing Wisely in allergic disease

What is choosing wisely?



-Atopic dermatitis

-Food allergy

Modifiable factors in allergic disease, primary, secondary& tertiary prevention

Primary allergy prevention strategies in "Norden" in 2019

Epithelial barriers-basic concepts and role in primary prevention

Are skin interventions in infancy useful to reduce atopic dermatitis?

Nature-derived microbiome exposure to reduce allergic sensitisation

Secondary prevention; pipeline biologicals - Airways

- Rhinitis

- Skin

Tertiary prevention of asthma: Allergen immunotherapy


0830-1300 Oral abstracts session - "Presenting young investigators in "Norden"

One from each country

Old diseases, new challenges?

Eosinophil oesophagitis an emerging epidemic?

Evidence based use of ICS doses during asthma exacerbations

Drug allergy during anaesthetics

The use of novel allergen immunotherapy in Nordic countries in 2020

AIT beyond SCIT/SLIT, available and pipe-line methods

Pollen allergens (adults and children)

Peanut OIT

Egg, milk OIT


1300 CLOSE and Lunch


Chair: Jon Olav Hunderi, Hospital trust Østfold. E-mail:

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