The 4th International Seminar of the PRC and EAPC RN was held in Amsterdam 16-17 October 2014. About 100 participants from all over Europe – and a few from US and Canada – attended.

Presentations from the seminar

Per Sjøgren: GW Hanks lecture: Use of opioids in non-malignant pain – the Danish experience

Massimo Costantini: Effectiveness of complex interventions in palliative care – the case of the LCP in Italy

Kerry McGrillen: A physical exercise programme for palliative care patients in a clinical setting: Observations and preliminary findings

Christine Valan: Associations between comorbidity and muscle measures  in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Kirstine Skov-Benthien and Mie Juul Nordly: Spinal analgesics in adult patients with cancer pain: a systematic review

Trude Rakel Balstad: Dietary treatment of cachexia – challenges of nutritional research in cancer patients

Rebecca Dawber: Reliability of proxy symptom assessments of elderly patients dying in hospital

Miriam Colleran: Advanced cancer and sexuality, are they bedfellows?

Siobhan Blackwell: Patient preference for cancer symptom assessment scales

Judith Rietjens: Effectiveness of ACP in cancer patients. The design of a European cluster randomised trial (FP7 project ACTION)

Marianne Dees: Medication management in the last phase of life: a qualitative research

Mariska Oosterveld-Vlug: Can personal dignity be assessed by others? A survey study comparing nursing home residents' with family members', nurses' and physicians' answers on the MIDAM-LTC

Jasper van Riet Paap: Consensus on quality indicators to assess the organisation of palliative cancer and dementia care applicable across national healthcare systems and selected by international experts

Elena Mariani: Identification of the palliative phase in persons with dementia: no consensus between healthcare professionals

Annicka van der Plas: Case management in primary palliative care is associated more with organisational than with patient characteristics. Results from a cross-sectional prospective study

Kerstin Kremeike: Evaluation of Specialized Paediaric Palliative Home Care in Germany – A qualitative study of patients' perspectives

Download programme from the seminar here.

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