Before the 8th World Research Congress of the EAPC, a pre-congress seminar was held at Hotel Terradets outside of Lleida, Spain 2-3 June 2014.

The seminar was arranged as a methodological seminar, where young researchers were invited to send abstracts highlighting challenges in methods and study design.

63 participants attended the seminar, including senior researchers who chaired the sessions and gave introductory presentations. 28 abstracts were presented.

Presentations from the seminar:

Matthew Allsop: Design and development of an electronic system for pain reporting in palliative care

Naomi Byfeldt: Developing and piloting a care bundle for dying patients in the acute care sector

Amy Gadoud: Perceptions of healthcare professionals regarding the transition to a palliative approach to care in advanced heart failure

Melissa Horlait: Discussing incurability and palliative care with advanced cancer patients; development and evaluation of a communication intervention for Belgian oncologists

Dirk Houttekier: Improving the initiation of advance care planning in general practice. The development of a complex intervention

Miriam Johnson: Measuring improvement in dyspnoea: absolute or relative?

Mie Nordly: A Study of Palliative Activities in DOMUS: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Accelerated Transition from Oncological Treatment to Specialized Palliative Care at Home

Vitor Sergio de Oliveira Parola: Way of dealing with life and death by health professionals in a palliative care unit

Cathy Payne: Rehabilitation in Palliative Care: A Novel Exploratory study

Sarah Hoare: Why were they admitted? Exploring hospital admissions close to the end of life

Salvador Martin Utrilla: Adherence to opioid therapy in patients with cancer pain: involvement of the health care providers

Meg Sands: A randomised controlled trial for Advanced care planning and symptom management (plan EARLY study)

Download the full programme from the seminar here.




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