The PRC / EAPC RN seminar in Milan 2013

The 3rd International Seminar of PRC and EAPC Research Network took place in Milan, Italy 5-6 December 2013, and was entitled “The GW Hanks seminar: Latest update on pain and cachexia in cancer patients”. A lecture in honour of professor Geoffrey Hanks was given by professor Marie Fallon (Edinburgh, UK). 

For the first time at these seminars, abstract were submitted. 24 abstracts were submitted, and 5 were chosen for oral presentations. The rest were presented as posters, in the seminar’s very first poster exhibition.

About 200 participants attended the seminar, which was held on the premises of the National Cancer Institute.

Presentations held at the Milan seminar:

Thursday 5 December

The GW Hanks Lecture: “The role of systemic inflammation in the pathophysiology of symptoms in advanced cancer patients”, Marie Fallon

Pain I: Treatment of cancer pain – an update of the EAPC pain guidelines 

“Opioids in cancer pain: guidelines including assessment and classification”, Augusto Caraceni

“Invasive pain treatment: Results from a systematic literature review”, Sebastiano Mercadante

“Impact of chemotherapy and targeted therapy on quality of life in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer”, Are Kristensen

Cancer cachexia: assessment, classification and treatment

“Cancer cachexia definition: diagnostic criteria and therapeutic implications”, Federico Bozzetti

“New treatment for cancer cachexia”, Tora Solheim

“Results from the pre-MENAC study”, Barry Laird

A web-based decision-support system for symptom management and palliative care

“Computer-based decision support systems: Results from a systematic literature review”, Sunil X. Raj

“A web-based platform, the EIR version 2.0: Content, format and solutions”, Stein Kaasa

Friday 6 December

Health care policy

“Addressing whole systems to improve patient’s clinical care: Evidence from long term care settings”, Katherine Froggatt

“Equal access to end of life care and inequalities: Is a public health approach needed in palliative care policy?”, Joachim Cohen

“The challenge of evaluating complex interventions. A controlled clinical trial on the Liverpool Care Pathway”, Massimo Costantini

Pain II: Specific aspects of cancer pain: what’s new, what’s difficult and how to improve future guidelines

“New opioid analgesics for cancer pain. An addition for present guidelines?”, Alessandra Pigni

“Novel developments in Neuropathic pain and Breakthrough pain classification and assessment”, Michael I. Bennett

“What is the right opioid for the right patient at the right time? How to address sources of subjective variability, from genetics to clinical assessment”, Joy Ross

Oral presentations based on submitted abstracts

“Nutritional evaluation in acute care palliative medicine”, Declan Walsh

“Prognostic importance of weight loss in solid tumors”, Declan Walsh

“The use of information and communication technology (ICT) for pain reporting in palliative care”, Matthew Allsop

“Moving on – the next step in developing an International Classification System for Cancer Pain”, Robin Fainsinger

“The DOMUS study: A randomized clinical trial of accelerated transition from oncological treatment to continuing palliative care at home”, Mie Nordly

Ongoing PRC/EAPC RN projects

“Emerging results from the European Palliative Care Cancer Symptom Study (EPCCS)”, Marianne J. Hjermstad

“The CERP study: an Italian multicenter RCT comparing analgesic efficacy of 4 major opioids in cancer patients. Preliminary results”, Oscar Corli

“Ongoing and planned PRC/EAPC RN studies”, Anne Kari Knudsen

Download the programme from the seminar here.

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