The 7th International Seminar of the PRC and EAPC RN was held in Oslo, Norway from 5th to 7th October 2017. Approximately 100 researchers, physicians and others working with or interested in oncology and palliative care research attended the seminar. The international distribution was good, with 16 countries represented, in Europe, North-America and Korea. The first day, starting at noon, was an open pre-seminar session devoted to junior researchers. Seven junior researchers who were at different stages in their careers presented their own projects and received general and specific feedback from the senior panels, as well as from the audience.

Comment from GW Hanks lecturer Camilla Zimmermann:

Last week I attended the 7th International Seminar of the PRC and EAPC RN: "Collaboration in Cancer Research between Oncology and Palliative Care – Are We There Yet?" I thoroughly enjoyed it. The pre-seminar


Delivery of GW Hanks award to Camilla Zimmermann

GW Hanks lecturer Camilla Zimmerman receives the award from PRC co-chair Marie Fallon.

had excellent presentations from researchers at the PhD and post-doc levels, with plenty of time for discussion and feed-back from researchers and participants. The seminar itself had the perfect balance of oncology and palliative care presentations, with a focus on collaboration between these two highly interrelated fields. I was impressed with the high level of science and the quality of the presentations. There was a friendly, collegial atmosphere, with a lot of opportunity for interaction among presenters and participants. Overall I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone with an interest in palliative care research. See you next year in Edinburgh!


Fabio Formaglio: Neuropathic cancer pain

Camilla Zimmermann: How do we destigmatize palliative care?

Marianne Lislerud Smebye: Patient and caregiver perspective: Diagnosed with brain metastases

Esten S. Nakken: Pelvic palliative radiotherapy for gynecological cancers

Tora S. Solheim: ESPEN Guidelines: Nutritional interventions in advanced cancer care

Pauline Uí Dhuibhir: Taste and smell abnormalities in advanced cancer: Subjective and objective assessment

Olav E. Yri: Treatment of brain metastases

Marianne Jensen Hjermstad: Integration of oncology and palliative care – findings from the PALLiON pre-study survey

Matthew Mulvey: Neuropathic pain in cancer: Screening tools and symptom profiles

Cinzia Brunelli: Quality of end of life care in patients with pancreatic cancer receiving systematic versus on-demand early palliative care

Hartwig Kørner: Malignant obstruction of th GI tract

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