This week PRC attended the introductory CALM workshop organized by GIPPEC

This week seven Norwegian delegates from PRC attended an introductory CALM workshop. The two days digital event was led by Prof. Gary Rodin and Dr. Sarah Hales. Over 60 attendees from all over the world participated; Canada, Malaysia, Netherland, Taiwan, USA, UK, Thailand and Norway. Professor Rodin being a long-term collaborator in the PRC started the workshop with a presentation on the CALM approach. CALM (Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully) is a psychotherapeutic approach to early palliative care. The content of CALM is organized into four interrelated domains (see figure below).


The approach was further illustrated and discussed using cases. Research shows that CALM is a promising psychotherapy to alleviate depression and death anxiety and increasing the sense of meaning and purpose in life in patients with advanced cancer. PRC participants found the approach applicable in Norwegian settings as well.

Read more about CALM here.

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