Fields of Collaboration

On this page you will find the different fields of collaboration, of which we conduct research within the PRC collaboration network.

Please click one of the following research fields to find more information about researchers, their contact information, and ongoing projects.

Collaborators Within Cancer Pain

​Person of Contact​Ongoing ProjectsInstitution
​Tora S. SolheimNorwegian University of Science and Technology


Collaborators within Cachexia

​Person of ContactOngoing ProjectsInstitution
​Name​CachexiaOslo University Hospital


Collaborators Within Public Health

​Person of ContactOngoing Projects​Institution​
​NamePublic Health​Oslo University Hospital​

Collaborators Within Psychological Distress

​Person of ContactOngoing Projects​Institution​
​Name​Psychological DistressOslo University Hospital​

Collaborators Within End of Life Care

​Person of ContactOngoing Projects​Institution​
​NameEnd of Life Care​Oslo University Hospital​

Collaborators Within Other Fields

​Person of ContactOngoing Projects​Institution​
​NameOther Field​Oslo University Hospital​