Avlagte doktorgrader

Lege, Phd Kjartan Moe (2020)
Cardiovascular Risk Markers after Preeclampsia and Gestational Hypertension

Lege, Phd Patji Alnæs-Katjavivi (2020)
Decidual acute atherosis: immunohistochemical definition, immune cell involvement, and tissue heterogeneity

Lege, Phd Nina Julie Verket (2020)
Quality of life assessment and screening tool development for endometriosis

Lege, Phd Tina Tellum (2019)
Adenomyosis. Diagnosis and steps towards a molecular analysis

Overlege, Phd Sissel Oversand (2018)
Short and long-term outcomes of the Manchester Procedure for Pelvic Organ Prolapse and the impact of major Levator Ani Muscle defects

Phd Aase Pay (2016)
Symphysis-fundus measurement and prediction of SGA neonates

Lege, Phd Kathrine Fodstad (2016)
Sexual function and postpartum health in relation to episiotomy and obstetric anal sphincter injury

Overlege, Phd Espen Berner (2014)
Laparoscopic hysterectomy in benign gynaecological conditions. Outcomes after total laparoscopic hysterectomy and laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy, a comparison of surgical procedures

Overlege, Phd Rune Svenningsen (2014)
Female pelvic floor surgery Long-term outcome of the tension-free vaginal tape procedure and the diagnostic value of occult incontinence testing

Overlege, Phd Katariina Laine (2013)
Obstetric anal sphincter injuries: Incidence, risk factors, consequences and prevention

PhD Anne Stine Kvehaugen (2013)
Preeclampsia and cardiovascular disease: Potential linking pathways and biomarkers

Overlege, PhD Meryam Sugulle (2012)
Cardiovascular biomarkers in pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia or diabetes mellitus

Postdoc, PhD Guro M Johnsen (2010)
Fatty acid uptake, transport and storage in placenta in normal and dyslipidemic pregnancies

Klinisk ernæringsfysiolog, PhD Susanne Weedon-Fekjær (2009)
Liver X Receptors: expression and functions in human placenta

Overlege, PhD Elin Ødegaard (2008)
Ovarian carcinomas and borderline ovarian tumors- molecular markers and operative treatment

Overlege, PhD Nina Kittelsen Harsem (2008)
Acute atherosis and oxidative stress in preeclampsia

Overlege, dr.med. Kristin Brække (2007)
Preeclampsia biomarkers in fetal circulation: Oxidative stress, inflammation, homocysteine and angiogenic factors

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